Since I’m already tweeting in English, why not do the little amount of blogging I do in English as well? It’s probably for the best while I’ll be blogging quite a lot from Munich this spring and perhaps my interwebsfriendz want to read.

A little update on my life as it is today.

I’ve been up to my ears with work, though it was the most during the Christmas-time, so January has been not as rough. There will probably be no more work from today until February, while the company has one of it’s low-points after Christmas.
During that time I hope to visit my sister and her family in the southern parts of Sweden! Haven’t seen them since November, I think, which is a unusually and painfully long period of time.
I also would like to focus on me being healthy. Food and workout, please! Since October I’ve been struggling with shin splits that’ll never go away, so I’ll take the time to visit the doctor soon.
But to the very big piece of news! Anna and I are going to move to Munich in March! Two months in the capital of Bavaria, heaven! We’ve booked German classes at the Goethe-Institute and are fighting for our dream apartment at the moment. I’ll probably write more about that many, many times more later so I’ll just leave it there.

That is it for today. More will come, but I have to eat before work so another time, hopefully soon.

Hugs and kisses



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