Greetings, sexy people

I  am currently on my way back to normal exercising and have for three days in a row been doing some light workouts at the gym. They’ve consisted of power walking and mainly cross-training and the duration have gradually increased from 45 minutes to 1 h 15 minutes. This is mainly for the purpose of slowly and safely increase the stress on my knees and legs, in order to successfully getting back to running again. It is also for me getting back in to shape (ofc) and the routine of going to the gym.
I shall meet with a trainer, who’ll instruct and supervise me in weight lifting. I think that lifting is good complementary training to running and cardio. Stronger muscles help whatever you’re exercising but it’s also something I can do if my lovely friend Shin Splints decides to show up. More and stronger muscles also means larger metabolism, which helps you burn fat and carbohydrates which, in turn, helps you show your amazing body (read: muscles).

I have got the bug for an app, which my lovely friend Anna recommended, that’s called ”The Eatery”. What you do is basically taking a photo of your food and then let other judge if its ”fit” or ”fat”. It’s really addictive and inspires you to eat healthy and beautiful food.

Puls food

Hugs and kisses


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