Danska fall

Today I took a recreational walk (it was more like climbing, though) in the walley, up to Danish Falls. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The scenery is a stunning beauty in all the seasons and I tried, but not even remotely succeeded, to capture it on camera.

The name, Danish Falls, is said to originate from the Battle of Fyllebro, between Swedes and Danes and which the Danes lost. A minor part of the broken Danish army supposedly fled upwards, along the river Fylleån, until they came to the forests of the river Assman near Simlångsdalen (that’s were I live!). They tried to cross it on a simple suspension bridge, directly above the falls, but the Swedes were hot on their tails and cut the bridge down. The bridge crashed down the river, as did many Danes, who perished.
So… long story short, the Danes fell in the falls.
Oh, and some more useless trivia; in the middle of the biggest fall there’s a huge rock, which, in regard to king Karl XI, is called Kungastenen (Rock of the King).


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