A few days ago a friend and I went to Gothenburg for a day. We had different purposes with our trip, yet it was nice accompanying each other on the way.

I had planned a visit at Chalmers University of Technology, since their Engineering Physics Programme had a visitor’s day. It was incredible. We got a tour of the place, had lunch with some of the students and we even got to go on a lecture. We also visited two of the laboratories, both the ”playground” one and the nano-technological one. I was truly inspired and amazed by both the school and the city of Gothenburg, and by the last alumni-lecture, Alicia -a very cool girl I met there- and I felt like we could begin there tomorrow.

There are two things I worry about, though. The first one is the issue of living, since commuting isn’t even an option. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a flat or there might be a dorm room or something. Right now I have my mind focus on Munich, but as soon as I get back I’ll have to deal with these things more seriously, since I have to apply for the education while in Germany.
The second one isn’t really an issue yet, but can be in the future if I don’t keep up the good work and discipline. What if I don’t manage my studies, what if it’s too much? What will happen then? I feel, though, as if physics and mathematics are the only subjects I can manage to work with for several years and what I’m passionate about, but they’re truly difficult studies. I guess I’ll just believe in myself and take on the problems as they come.

Overall, I feel exceptionally good about my decision to study Engineering Physics at Chalmers University of Technology. Life will be good there.

Hugs and kisses


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