First day of school today!

We started the day with a chill breakfast, exploring the music possibilities in the kitchen before we strolled down to the tram to find our way to the Goethe-Institute. It was a sunny day and being outside was enjoyable for the first time.

Once there we got our Teilnehmerausweise (student cards, basically) and were almost immediately put to do a test (reading, grammar, understanding of words etc) and then an oral exam. Sadly, Anna and I were at different levels in our German comprehension so they wanted to place us in different classes, which is fine, as long as they are on the same part of the day. Which, of course, they weren’t. Anna’s class was in the morning and mine was in the evening. We talked to a lovely lady who managed to overview our situation and we decided that I take a class that’s a step below my actual knowledge in order to study at the same time as Anna. Even then am I one class above her. It’s ridiculous because we are at the same level and we know that. We even got the same grades in school, almost every test. 

My interviewer was a haughty lady who, without mercy, reproved my oral abilities in German and my ambition to take the testdaf-test yet she praised me and said it was a terrible loss if I took the class below the recommended one. I think it’s a terrible loss for Anna that they’ve totally misjudged her skills in German. Besides, the focus of this trip is not to learn German (yes, ofc it is but not mainly) but to have fun and how is that possible if one of us studies from 9-13 and the other from 13-17?

However, we are about to call them at the moment and get the final decision which we, if we don’t like it, can veto. We have after all paid them 2000€ and I think we have a say in our education.

After that emotional distress, we had some retail therapy, then strolled on in the sunshine and enjoyed some frozen yoghurt with the most amazing toppings ever (amongst them; nutella crunch). It was truly enjoyable promenading our way through Munich, passively finding our way home. I start to recognize the streets around Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz and it feels so good.

Now we’re enjoying various hot beverages and once more KeinOhrHasen.

Hugs and kisses

(Dinner today: serrano & camembert-filled chicken and sallad.)


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