Gay and a half

Hola querida!

Tonight was the second leg of the Bayern-Arsenal game in the CL and we decided to once again spend the evening in Laim with the other students. We were quite many watching the game in the common room and the spirit was bonny! Some faces we knew and some were new. We ended up in the basement, playing table football and simply chatting. The cultural compass pointed more south than north since it was Anna and I, a Mexican, a Spaniard and an Italian staying until the very  late hour.
Merry times, merry times, yet I have to sleep now because I promised mi amigo loco to wake up early and make banana pancakes for breakfast.


13. März
Carlos, my Dutch fella (whose name unfortunately slipped my mind), Matteo and Filippo!
13. März
Me, Anna & Antonio

Hasta luego, tarados!


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