Buenos días, mis burritos pequeños

I should probably blog more frequently but I don’t have any time left anymore. Obviously, we live a good life here. I am always on the run, either in school messing around or meeting people and hanging out in Laim and different restaurants, biergartens, bars, clubs.

For example, last Thursday we spent a good time in Münchner Freiheit. After a Mexican lunch (burrito of some sorts) and some time spent at home, we spontainiously decided to go to Laim, to see some friends and then go out for a drink. Our lovely little gang landed in an awesome bar, called ”Peaches”, and shared a Zombie (amazeballs, you sould try it). 

Friday went by in the same school, tasty Carbonara in Münchner Freiheit, then preparing for a night out (aka shopping) and head towards Laim. Our guides led us to the somewhat ginormous club Neuraum. Four dancefloors and music for almost every taste! Go there!

And ugh, Saturday was spent mostly at home, watching Crackovia and Pulp Fiction, with the exception of a necessary visit to the most amayzing Mexican restaurant, Milagros, just across the street. Complete foodgasm. Died and came to food-heaven. Carlos went for the habanero and burrito, while I ordered a shrimp salad. It was so incredibly tasty, I can’t even.  Go there! Pronto!

Today was the last day of Starkbierfest, which made it practically inevitable for us to join the Goethe-Gang at the Paulaner at Nockherberg. Beer, food and dance from 2 until 7 o’clock. All these lederhosen and dirndls, I love them so much it drives me crazy! I need either a dirndl or lederhosen or at least a Bavarian shirt or my life wont be complete.

Sadly I have some homework to take care of but I’ll do my best to be a better blogger in the future. 

Pics will be here shortly.

Abrazos y besos


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