We had a visitor from Sweden, my dad! The yesterday brought us to Olympiapark, where we visited the Olympiatower and BMW Welt Museum, and later to Berni’s Nudelbrett for us to watch the game. After ninety minutes of multiple heart attacks, we could finally call ourselves Deutscher Meister.
The evening took us, once again, to Laim and then, once again, to Neuraum. It kicked ass and I was for the first time really drunk. I fell asleep going home with the s-bahn but don’t worry, a German fella woke me up, so got home safe and sound.
Dad is on his way home and on this Schweiger Sunday the Annas are chilling in the sofa with lovely food and ”Inglorious Basterds” on bluray.

Don’t have the pallz to write more.
Hugs and kisses

All pictures are taken by Bernice.

_DSC3264 copy _DSC3265 copy _DSC3268 copy _DSC3279 copy _DSC3280 copy _DSC3285 copy _DSC3287 copy _DSC3288 copy


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