Here I sit, hungover and full of feelings. Lost the ability to write. Will try later today, though.

After a 9514631 kcal recovery diet and some Game of Thrones, I feel somewhat alive again. Today we signed the lease for the new apartment in Maxvorstadt and next week we’ll fix the rest, such as keys and payment. I am still amazed that we got it – apparently there were about 500 people who’d applied for it and we we’re the most suitable.

Back to the day before today.
…Yesterday, that is…
Frühlingsfest, Theresienwiese, merry-go-rounds and zu viel Bier. The spirit was on top and it was just great being there with good old friends and also make some new ones! I wish I had taken some photos but that was a mission designed for Anna so I strongly recommend you to look into what she has said about the evening in her blog, here.

Let me die the hungover/high calorie/happiness death.
Hugs and kisses


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